205. 2024 Boston Marathon Race Recap
Marathon Running Podcast April 22, 2024x
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205. 2024 Boston Marathon Race Recap

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In this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we're diving into Letty's unforgettable Boston Marathon Getaway Weekend. Imagine being right there amidst the legendary race, surrounded by the epic energy of the event. Boston buzzed with excitement as runners and spectators alike flooded the streets, eager to witness history in the making. Letty soaked up every moment, immersing herself in the pre-race festivities and the electric atmosphere. When race day arrived, she joined thousands of runners at the starting line, feeling the city's heartbeat beneath her feet. The marathon was no easy feat, with its challenging course and unpredictable weather, but Letty pushed through, fueled by the cheers of the crowd and the camaraderie of her fellow runners. Crossing the finish line was a moment of pure exhilaration, a testament to her determination and the incredible spirit of the Boston Marathon. Join us as Letty shares the highs, the lows, and the unforgettable memories from her epic weekend in Boston.


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