215. Different Energy Systems for Different Distances in Running
Marathon Running Podcast July 01, 2024x
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215. Different Energy Systems for Different Distances in Running

On this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we learn about the aerobic and anaerobic systems. We dive into the interplay between the ATP-PC and oxidative systems, how these systems work together to fuel long-distance running efforts, and the importance of running economy and efficiency. We also discuss the importance of speed training for marathoners, effective workout strategies for building a strong aerobic base, and specific workouts to maximize both the ATP-PC and oxidative systems.

Additionally, we explore training periodization, race-specific training, and the role of factors like race day strategy, mental preparation, nutrition, hydration, and sleep hygiene in optimizing marathon performance.

By understanding and effectively training both the aerobic and anaerobic systems, runners can enhance their performance and achieve their marathon goals.

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