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We are happy to announce that our podcast has passed the 200K milestone. Thank you to all of our listeners and readers!

Our Team


Letty Lundquist
Letty is the editor/host of the Marathon Running Podcast, and the writer for Marathon Running NEWS. She is a member of the International Sports Press Association.
With 40+ marathons under her belt and a personal best of 3:09, she's a dedicated runner and a true expert in the field.
Originally from Germany and Ecuador, Letty settled in the USA at 17, earning BAs in Language Art. She then pursued law school and became an immigration attorney. Fluent in three languages, Letty is not only a passionate traveler but also a multilingual communicator.
She and her husband, Ryan, along with their two kids, embrace an active lifestyle with activities like biking, boating, and snowboarding.


Ryan Lundquist
Ryan is the Creative Director and Podcast co-host. A former high school track athlete, he's completed multiple 5Ks, half marathons, and as of 2023, he also completed his first marathon in Stockholm, Sweden.
Originally from Florida, Ryan holds an engineering degree and an MD, specializing in musculoskeletal radiology. As a board-certified radiologist, his expertise is invaluable.
Beyond his professional accolades, Ryan is Letty's husband and shares her love for adventure. His active pursuits include foil-boarding, surfing, mountain biking, dirt biking, snowboarding, rock climbing, and volleyball. Ryan's commitment to a fulfilling lifestyle enriches our team.


What the people say about us

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Love this podcast!

The training on a treadmill episode came out just when I needed it. And the Pinky and the Brain reference at the very end was the cherry on top!

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Enjoyable entertainment for my walks

Me gusto mucho

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Great to listen to during your long runs!

Enjoy listening to the wealth of knowledge this podcast provides. I usually listen to several episodes during my long runs, and something in the podcast is always applicable to what I’m currently experiencing in my training.

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Great podcast for runners!

Letty and Ryan do a great job with this podcast! They asked good questions and then let guests tell great stories and give great information!

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Awesome podcast!

This is an amazing podcast that has taught me so much about running and life!

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Lovely. Found my love for running. Thank you.