201. Mastering the Marathon Taper with Nicole from the Marathon Training Academy
Marathon Running Podcast March 25, 2024x
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201. Mastering the Marathon Taper with Nicole from the Marathon Training Academy

Welcome to the Marathon Running Podcast! In this episode, we're privileged to have Nicole, the Head Coach at Marathon Training Academy, joining us to discuss the crucial topic of tapering for marathon runners. With her wealth of experience and expertise, Nicole is here to provide invaluable insights into optimizing the taper phase of marathon training.


**Key Discussion Points:**

1. **Duration of Taper:** Nicole shares her expertise on determining the optimal duration of the taper period for marathoners and the various factors that influence its length.

2. **Reducing Mileage and Intensity:** We delve into the importance of reducing mileage and intensity during the taper phase to ensure runners are adequately rested and prepared for race day.


3. **Training Volume and Intensity Adjustments:** Nicole provides practical advice on how runners should adjust their training volume and intensity during the taper period to strike the right balance between maintaining fitness and allowing for recovery.


4. **Decreasing Weekly Mileage:** We explore Nicole's recommendations on how much runners should decrease their weekly mileage and long run distances to optimize their taper.


5. **Workouts and Long Runs:** Nicole discusses which types of workouts and long runs should be included or modified during the taper phase to enhance performance and minimize the risk of injury.


6. **Addressing Phantom Pains:** Strategies for addressing phantom pains or minor discomforts that may arise during the taper period are explored, with Nicole sharing her insights on injury prevention.


7. **Strength Training and Cross-Training:** Nicole offers guidance on whether runners should continue with strength training or cross-training activities during the taper period and how to integrate them effectively.


8. **Nutrition During Taper:** We discuss the role of nutrition during the taper phase, including any dietary adjustments runners should consider to support their training and recovery.


9. **Maintaining Mental Focus:** Nicole provides valuable tips on how runners can maintain mental focus and confidence during the taper period, especially when facing taper-related anxiety or restlessness.


10. **Additional Tips for Success:** Finally, we wrap up with additional tips and advice from Nicole to ensure a successful taper leading up to the marathon race.



With Nicole's expertise as Head Coach at Marathon Training Academy, we've gained valuable insights into mastering the marathon taper. Thank you for joining us on the Marathon Running Podcast!


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