193. The Power of the 3-Week Build, 1-Week Recover
Marathon Running Podcast January 31, 2024x
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193. The Power of the 3-Week Build, 1-Week Recover

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In this episode, we explore the effectiveness of the 3-week build and 1-week recover cycle in marathon training. *Understanding Periodization:* Chris demystifies periodization's role in structuring marathon training plans, ensuring a smooth and progressive journey through different phases. *Unlocking the Transition Phase:* The focus shifts to the power-packed recovery week, a crucial bridge between intense training blocks. Athletes reduce volume and intensity to prevent overtraining and gear up for upcoming challenges. *Personalizing Recovery Cycles:* Chris emphasizes the art of personalizing recovery cycles, tailoring the 3-week build, 1-week recover cycle based on individual needs and training intensity. *Body Adaptations and Injury Prevention:* Exploring physiological adaptations, Chris highlights how this cycle acts as a powerful tool in preventing overtraining and reducing the risk of injuries for long-term performance. *Optimizing Mileage Reduction:* The discussion includes specifics on recommended mileage reduction during the transition week, with insights into individualized approaches. *Comprehensive Approach to Recovery:* The episode covers cross-training, strength training, and nutrition's role in enhancing overall performance and preventing injuries during recovery weeks. *Monitoring Progress and Adjusting Plans:* In the final segment, Chris shares insights on assessing a runner's progress during transitions, utilizing markers and indicators to ensure effective training plan adjustments. Tune in to unlock the secrets behind the Power of the 3-Week Build, 1-Week Recover Cycle in marathon training with Coach Chris Knighton—a packed episode with practical insights for elevating your marathon training experience.OUR LINKS Support our podcast and check out our RunSwag Tshirts · Our website: ⁠www.marathonrunningpodcast.com⁠ · Our Instagram: ⁠@runningpodcast⁠ · Our Amazon Storefront: ⁠Amazon Storefront⁠ · Join our Facebook group: ⁠SpeedStriders Facebook Group⁠ · Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@RunningPodcast