192. Marathon Training on a Treadmill
Marathon Running Podcast January 22, 2024x
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192. Marathon Training on a Treadmill

On this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we address a common query not only from first-time marathoners but seasoned runners as well: Can you effectively train for a marathon entirely on the treadmill? As spring marathons approach, we explore the nuances of treadmill training and its relevance to marathon preparation. Join us for an insightful discussion that goes beyond the 'dreadmill' stigma.

šŸƒā€ā™‚ļø What to Expect:

  1. Advantages and Limitations Overview: We delve into the convenience and consistency of treadmill workouts, tackling concerns such as boredom, overuse injuries, and the impact of weather conditions.

  2. Expert Insights: Our conversation with Alyssa, an exercise physiologist and run coach, provides valuable perspectives on treadmill marathon training.

  3. In-Depth Tips on Treadmill Training:

    • Use an Incline: Understand the science behind inclines and the importance of variability in your training routine.
    • Always Warm Up: Start your session with brisk walking or a slow jog for an effective warm-up.
    • Follow a Marathon Training Plan: Replicate outdoor workouts on the treadmill to ensure a comprehensive training approach.
    • Don't Race Yourself, Pace Yourself: Focus on effort or heart rate to avoid burnout.
    • Fight Boredom During Long Runs: Implement strategies to keep your mind engaged.
    • Use Good Form: Maintain proper running form for safety and effectiveness.
    • Quicken Your Cadence: Improve cadence and stride using mirrors and awareness.
    • Befriend Your Machine: Adopt a positive attitude toward treadmill training.

šŸ” Research Reference:

  • Title: "The energy cost and heart rate response to training on a manual treadmill."
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šŸ Conclusion: Can seasoned marathoners find success on the treadmill? Our guest, Alyssa Lombardi, shares insights into variability, accuracy, effort, and the psychological aspects of treadmill versus outdoor marathon training. Tune in to discover how you can effectively prepare for a marathon on the 'dreadmill' and overcome the challenges of indoor training.