191. Run slow to run fast, the 80/20 method with Matt Fitzgerald
Marathon Running Podcast January 15, 2024x
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191. Run slow to run fast, the 80/20 method with Matt Fitzgerald

Curious about the magic behind the 80/20 running principle? Join us in the latest Marathon Running Podcast episode featuring Matt Fitzgerald, the renowned endurance sports journalist and bestselling author.

🌟 Key Questions Answered:

  • Understanding the Basics: Matt explains the fundamental principles of 80/20 running—how the balance of 80 percent lower intensity and 20 percent higher intensity contributes to improved performance.
  • Scientific Foundation: Delve into the science behind the 80/20 running program with key insights supporting its effectiveness.
  • Embraced by Elite Runners: Discover remarkable results and achievements from elite athletes who swear by the 80/20 training method.
  • Adaptability to All Levels: Learn how the 80/20 approach caters to runners of all levels, from beginners to elites.
  • Training Plans for Different Distances: Explore how the 80/20 approach varies across distances, from 5K to marathon.
  • Breaking the “Moderate-Intensity Rut”: Find out how the 80/20 approach breaks the cycle of a "moderate-intensity rut" for continuous improvement.
  • Hands-On Guide: Matt elaborates on the practical implementation of the 80/20 approach into training routines.
  • Balancing Intensity: Understand how runners effectively gauge and maintain the balance between lower and higher-intensity workouts.
  • Performance Metrics: Discover the key metrics to track progress and improvements for 80/20 adopters.
  • Long-Term Benefits: Matt shares insights into the long-term benefits of consistently following the 80/20 running program, especially in marathon training.

Ready to transform your running game? Tune in to the episode and unravel the secrets of 80/20 running.

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