190. How to qualify for the Boston Marathon BQ
Marathon Running Podcast January 08, 2024x
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190. How to qualify for the Boston Marathon BQ

In this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we tackle the ultimate question that looms for many runners in their careers: How can I qualify for the Boston Marathon? Coach Chris Knighton joins us as we dissect this topic, exploring aspects like the importance of accountability through publicly committing to your goal and the patience required, especially when considering the charity option. We emphasize the notion of getting out what you put in, touching on the significance of choosing the right race based on weather and terrain considerations. Additionally, we discuss the value of having a coach to provide a different perspective and analyze your performance. We raise questions about goal pace running, fast finish runs, speed work, increasing volume, recovery, sleep, nutrition, strength training, and the importance of not setting limitations in the pursuit of marathon goals.

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