189. Mile Mastery is Marathon Excellence
Marathon Running Podcast January 01, 2024x
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189. Mile Mastery is Marathon Excellence

In this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we explore a groundbreaking concept that could reshape your marathon training strategy. We discuss the idea of incorporating speed training specifically designed for marathoners, with a particular emphasis on the mile distance.


Our guest Chris Knighton sheds light on the inspiration behind integrating speed work into the marathon training regimen. We delve into the fascinating connection between improving speed at shorter distances, like the mile, and its potential to enhance performance in longer races such as half and full marathons.


Discover the science and methodology behind this innovative program and its contribution to overall marathon success. Gain insights that challenge conventional training norms and provide a fresh perspective on optimizing your performance.


Wondering when is the best time to embrace this unconventional strategy? We break down the ideal timing for incorporating mile-focused speed training into your marathon preparation, offering a strategic approach to elevate your performance.


Explore the key components that set this speed training program apart from traditional marathon training. Understand the nuances of the program's structure and how it differs from conventional approaches.


Balancing speed training with the demands of marathon preparation is no small feat. Our guest provides insights into structuring a training plan that ensures marathoners can effectively manage the demands of both speed training and overall marathon readiness.


Delve into two specific ways of incorporating speed, uncovering methods that could reshape your understanding of training dynamics. We explain the physiological transformations happening within your body during these workouts, highlighting the unique benefits and challenges.


Join us as we unravel the mystery behind these transformative speed workouts, exploring how they differ from traditional marathon training routines. We provide a compelling narrative that will leave you eager to lace up your running shoes and hit the track. This episode is not just about miles; it's about unlocking new possibilities in your marathon journey. Tune in and prepare to revolutionize your approach to marathon training.


MILE TRAINING LINK: https://knightonruns.com/run-your-fastest-mile-training-program/

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