186. OTQ! Chasing dreams with Sofie Schunk and Mary Denholm
Marathon Running Podcast December 11, 2023x
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186. OTQ! Chasing dreams with Sofie Schunk and Mary Denholm

In this compelling episode of The Marathon Running Podcast, we have the privilege of exploring the remarkable journeys of Mary Denholme and Sofie Schunk, both Olympic trials qualifiers at CIM where they both came in at 2:36!. They are 2 of the 173 fastest marathoners in the country!


Our engaging conversation spans their lives, daily commitments, and the intricacies of their training routines, offering listeners valuable insights into the strategies that led to their Olympic trials qualification.

Sophie, who not only works full-time but also manages life with type one diabetes, provides a unique perspective on overcoming additional challenges in the pursuit of marathon excellence. Meanwhile, Mary, a full-term running coach and former trial attorney, shares her wealth of experience and wisdom gained through years of dedicated involvement in the sport.

Beyond their individual achievements, Mary and Sofie touch upon the essence of running as a team sport. They discuss the power of mutual support during races, emphasizing the positive impact of pushing each other and offering a helping hand during challenging moments. This candid conversation showcases the camaraderie that exists among runners, revealing the profound truth that running is not merely an individual pursuit but a collective effort where athletes uplift each other through the highs and lows of training. Tune in to witness the resilience, determination, and community spirit that define Mary and Sophie's running journeys and inspire runners of all levels.


MARY DENHOLM @eatrunandbemary

SOFIE SCHUNK @runwithinsulin


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