185. Prehab to Avoid Rehab
Marathon Running Podcast December 04, 2023x
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185. Prehab to Avoid Rehab

In this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Brodie Sharpe, a physiotherapist, as our special guest. Together, we explore key strategies for injury prevention and performance improvement without delving into specifics. The discussion introduces the concept of "prehab to prevent rehab," and Brodie shares valuable insights into baseline assessments and practical advice for runners. Stay tuned as we reveal four research-backed exercises known to boost speed. Our conversation also covers customization based on individual factors, integration into training schedules, the importance of core strengthening, and recommendations for cross-training. Join us for a discussion tailored to marathon enthusiasts, featuring valuable insights and actionable tips from our expert guest, Brodie Sharpe.


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