183. 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners
Marathon Running Podcast November 20, 2023x
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183. 2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

2023 Holiday Gift Guide for Runners 

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1. Your Training Partner/Best Running Friend - No Budget

Weighted Blanket: Improve sleep and recovery with a Gravity Blanket. Check it out here.

Compression Boots: Enhance recovery with TheraBody's RecoveryAir Pro. Explore them here.

Racing Singlet: Find a lightweight dri-fit racing singlet for marathons. Google for options or choose a brand you like.

Customizable Racing Kits: Create personalized racing kits at "42Krunning". Visit 42Krunning.

Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar: Elevate your running experience with the Garmin Forerunner 955 Solar.

Headphones Open Fit by SHokz: Enjoy music without compromising safety. Check out SHokz headphones.


2. Someone New to Running

$200 Gift Card for Running Shoes: Let them choose the perfect pair from a running store.

Runner’s World Magazine Subscription: Stay informed and motivated with a subscription. Subscribe here.

Running Belt Spibelt: Carry essentials comfortably with a Spibelt.

Running Belt Flipbelt: Opt for a secure and stylish option at Flipbelt.



3. Secret Santa Gift - Up to $20

Earbuds JLab Earbuds: Enjoy quality sound with JLab earbuds (PROMO – NADIA15).

Shaped Socks: Step out in style with socks from Rockay (Discount Code: JOE25).

Thin Socks by ASICS: Find comfort in these socks available on Amazon.

Trigger Point Massager by Strong-Tek: Relieve muscle tension with this massager available on Amazon.


4. The Injured Runner

StaminaPro Patches: Aid recovery with StaminaPro patches (PROMO – NADIA15).

Cream by Cani Mend (CBD): Explore the benefits of CBD at Cani Brands.

Calf Sleeve: Support your calves during recovery with Rockay.

Book by David Goggins: Gain inspiration from "Never Finished, Unshackle the Mind and Finish the War Within" on Amazon.


5. The Runner That Needs Help with Nutrition

Maurten: Fuel your runs effectively with products from Maurten.

The Feed Nutrition Samples: Discover a variety of nutrition options at The Feed.

Personalized Nutrition Consultation: Choose from Featherstone Nutrition or Meteor Nutrition.

Protein by BPN: Boost your protein intake with products from Bare Performance Nutrition.

Huma Gel: Fuel your runs with energy from Huma Gel.


6. Running Club Members

Ultimate Direction Accessories: Get 20% off on accessories at Ultimate Direction with promo code NADIA.

Sunglasses for Runners GoodR: Find stylish and functional sunglasses at GoodR.

Headbands for Runners Junk Brand: Explore a variety of headbands at Junk Brand.

Hats for Runners by Sprints: Shield yourself from the sun with Sprints hats.


7. Your Running Coach

Theragun PRO or Mini: Aid recovery with Theragun PRO or Mini.

Rabbit Outrun Zip Shirt: Combine style and functionality with the Rabbit Outrun Zip Shirt.


8. The Runner That Will Be Traveling to Races

Theragun Smart Goggles: Relax on the go with Theragun Smart Goggles.

Pillow Lagoon Pillow The Otter: Ensure a comfortable rest with Lagoon Pillow The Otter.

Personal Item Sized Backpack: Travel efficiently with a backpack from Amazon.

Theragun PRO or Mini: Continue recovery on the road with Theragun PRO or Mini.


9. The Trail Runner

Ultimate Direction Packs: Optimize your trail running experience with Ultimate Direction packs.


10. The Mother Runner

Vital 4U Vitamins Premium: Boost your nutrition with Vital 4U Vitamins Premium.

Self Defense Ring with Knife: Prioritize safety with a self-defense ring with a knife.

Janji Shorts: Stay comfortable with shorts from Janji.


11. Yourself

At-Home Massage: Treat yourself to a relaxing massage with Bodywork by Pau.




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