180. New York City Marathon - hacks and tips
Marathon Running Podcast October 30, 2023x
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180. New York City Marathon - hacks and tips

In this episode of the Marathon Running Podcast, we're thrilled to bring you a comprehensive preview of the New York City Marathon, one of the most iconic races in the world. We'll cover a range of topics to ensure you're fully prepared and informed about this exciting event.

HISTORY - The New York City Marathon has a storied history, evolving from its humble beginnings in 1970 to the grand race it is today. Learn about its growth and past champions, like Grete Waitz and Bill Rogers. NYC Marathon History

ELITE AND CELEBRITY FIELDS - We'll dive into the remarkable lineup of elite runners, including past champions and Olympians, and discuss the notable celebrities who have graced this race, some under pseudonyms like Chelsea Clinton and Ashton Kutcher. Elite Field

SAFETY - With a staggering number of participants and spectators, safety is a paramount concern. Discover the extensive security measures in place to ensure a secure race day experience. NYRR Safety Measures

OFFICIAL EVENTS - Get the lowdown on the official events surrounding the marathon, such as the NYRR Rising New York Kids Kickoff and the Marathon Expo, where runners can pick up their bibs and explore running gear. Official Events

UNOFFICIAL EVENTS - Learn about where elites and other participants stay and celebrate in the vibrant neighborhoods of New York City.

LOGISTICS - Discover the ins and outs of race-day logistics, from transportation options like the Staten Island Ferry to private transportation arrangements. NYC Marathon Logistics

SPECTATORS - For those cheering from the sidelines, we provide recommended viewing locations, information on grandstand seating, and how to watch the live broadcast of the race. Spectator Information

TIPS - We offer essential tips for runners, from clothing disposal to personalizing your bib. Plus, important information about bag drop and pre-check. Runner Tips

PRIZE MONEY - If you're curious about the financial incentives, we break down the prize money structure, highlighting what the top runners can earn. Prize Money

FULL COURSE WALK-THROUGH - Join running coach Kristyn Smith as she takes you on a virtual walk-through of the entire marathon course, helping you visualize the route and prepare mentally.

NUTRITIONAL GUIDE - To round off our preview, registered dietitian Serena Marie RD shares her insights on nutrition for marathon runners, offering tips and recommendations to fuel your best performance on race day.

Get ready for an information-packed episode that will equip you with everything you need to know about the New York City Marathon. Whether you're running or spectating, this podcast is your go-to guide for a successful and memorable race experience.


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