208. Why Long Run Fueling Defies Intuition
Marathon Running Podcast May 06, 202400:32:2629.71 MB

208. Why Long Run Fueling Defies Intuition



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In this episode of the marathon running podcast, we discuss the complexities of fueling during long runs with Registered Dietitian Serena Marie, RD. We explore how our bodies may not accurately signal fueling needs during extended exercise, due to factors like diverted blood flow and stress hormones affecting digestion. Early warning signs of inadequate fueling include hunger pangs and other symptoms. Newer runners or those returning from a break might find it harder to gauge their hunger cues. To ensure proper fueling, runners can implement practical strategies such as consuming easy-to-digest foods and drinks at regular intervals. Finding the right balance between energy intake and digestive comfort is crucial to avoid overdoing it with fuel.

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