206. About hitting the wall
Marathon Running Podcast April 29, 202400:57:2652.59 MB

206. About hitting the wall

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In this episode of the Mathon Running Podcast, we sit down with Dr. Patrick Davitt, Ph.D., to dissect the daunting concept of hitting the wall during marathons. With Dr. Davitt's expertise, we unravel the intricacies surrounding this endurance barrier and explore strategies to overcome it.

Our conversation begins by defining the "wall" and its multifaceted nature, touching on both physiological and psychological factors. Dr. Davitt offers insights into who is predisposed to hitting this wall, emphasizing the critical role of glycogen depletion in endurance performance.

Delving into performance optimization, we discuss the ideal marathon running zone, aiming for around 80% of maximum heart rate for peak efficiency. Dr. Davitt then shares practical training techniques tailored for marathon success, focusing on energy management and efficient fuel utilization.

Fueling the body effectively emerges as a key theme, with Dr. Davitt providing guidance on maximizing energy reserves and transitioning to fat metabolism for sustained endurance. We also explore the psychological aspects of hitting the wall, drawing on insights from elite athletes to overcome mental barriers and physical fatigue.

Finally, we address strategies to avoid hitting the wall altogether, even with meticulous preparation. Dr. Davitt offers actionable tips for runners to mitigate the risk and ensure a smoother marathon experience.


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