BOSTON — Hold onto your sneakers, running enthusiasts, because the moment you've all been eagerly waiting for is finally here! Registration for the electrifying 2024 Boston Marathon is officially open, and it's time to fuel your dreams of conquering one of the world's most iconic races.

**Registration Blitz**

Prepare for a heart-pounding marathon registration rush spanning five exhilarating days, from September 11 to September 15, 2023. Your ticket to this epic journey awaits within the digital realm of the Boston Athletic Association's (B.A.A.) exclusive online "Athletes' Village."

To qualify for the 2024 Boston Marathon, you must have clocked your qualifying times during the qualifying window, which kicked off on September 1, 2022, and is still wide open until the final bell rings at 5:00 PM ET on September 15, 2023. But, be forewarned – just hitting the qualifying times doesn't guarantee a front-row seat at this prestigious event, thanks to the field size constraints.

Recent years have seen a nail-biting showdown as not all qualifiers managed to secure their spot due to the overwhelming demand. In those cases, it was a race against time and competitors, with only the speediest among the applicant pool in their age and gender categories claiming their golden tickets.

**Qualifying Times to Conquer**

The qualifying times for the 2024 Boston Marathon are not just numbers; they are a testament to your mettle, with each racer's age on the big day, April 15, 2024, as the measuring stick. These times are recorded using the official net time, also known as chip time.

Take a gander at the times you'll need to conquer for your respective age group:


- 18-34: 3hrs 00min 00sec

- 35-39: 3hrs 05min 00sec

- 40-44: 3hrs 10min 00sec

- 45-49: 3hrs 20min 00sec

- 50-54: 3hrs 25min 00sec

- 55-59: 3hrs 35min 00sec

- 60-64: 3hrs 50min 00sec

- 65-69: 4hrs 05min 00sec

- 70-74: 4hrs 20min 00sec

- 75-79: 4hrs 35min 00sec

- 80 and over: 4hrs 50min 00sec


- 18-34: 3hrs 30min 00sec

- 35-39: 3hrs 35min 00sec

- 40-44: 3hrs 40min 00sec

- 45-49: 3hrs 50min 00sec

- 50-54: 3hrs 55min 00sec

- 55-59: 4hrs 05min 00sec

- 60-64: 4hrs 20min 00sec

- 65-69: 4hrs 35min 00sec

- 70-74: 4hrs 50min 00sec

- 75-79: 5hrs 05min 00sec

- 80 and over: 5hrs 20min 00sec


- 18-34: 3hrs 30min 00sec

- 35-39: 3hrs 35min 00sec

- 40-44: 3hrs 40min 00sec

**More Than Just a Run**

While the entry fee details are still hidden behind the curtain, participants will have the option to supercharge their registration experience with the added thrill of registration protection. This game-changing feature ensures your marathon dream stays alive, no matter what.

The excitement doesn't stop there! The qualifying window for the 129th Boston Marathon, set to unfold on April 21, 2025, will kick off on September 1, 2023. Registration intel for that race will be unveiled after the dust settles from the 2024 Boston Marathon.

So, fellow running warriors, if you've been forging your path and envisioning the finish line on Boylston Street, it's time to take that leap of faith. Register now for the 2024 Boston Marathon and immerse yourself in the thrilling, pulse-pounding spectacle of ultimate endurance, unyielding determination, and unwavering spirit. Good luck, and may your running dreams reach the stars!